Who are you?

I live in Philly, but am not a Philadelphian. I have spent time in a few places, but have a lot more to see in my travels. Time spent in California has now given me a goal to retire there and drink great wine with my family and friends. I have a wife who I met in Italy, great story but she tells it better. I have a son who changes every day and is becoming his own person.

Photography has always been a way for me to express the emotion of life and show pieces of the world where we all live. I am a photographer but think of myself more as a people person who has seen some pretty cool things, met some great people and enjoys looking through the lens of a camera.

My camera is my profession and I love what I do, whether it is shooting athletes, musicians, landscapes, architecture, products or automobiles in the desert. I draw inspiration from my family, community and friends and am always looking to create something interesting .